Bespoke Design

Starting a new project is an exciting time, for you and for us. Because it’s your home we work closely with you to develop a complete understanding of your requirements.

With years of design experience we understand the importance of aesthetic and technical detail. And because we make everything ourselves our designs can develop without boundaries so you can choose the bespoke furniture that’s exactly right for you.

How We Work With You

  1. The Consultation

    An arrangement is made to visit you in your home so we can build an understanding of your requirements and expectations to suit your lifestyle. Observations regarding the location of the property, specific architectural features, adjacent rooms and hallways, also need to be recognised as they will influence the design and style of the room.

    We will generate and discuss some initial thoughts on design and layout and take detailed measurements of the room. This allows an impression to be created on the day to transfer into an initial draft plan.

  2. Design & Planning

    Following this initial consultation we continue the design process on paper, taking into consideration everything we've learnt about you and your home. We produce a framework of ideas and costs to discuss and develop with you.

  3. Colours & Style

    We will guide you through the myriad of colours Farrow & Ball have to offer and consider how they will work with other colours and materials within the room and beyond.

  4. The Build

    We are a small team who work closely together. This means design ideas are discussed with the workshop before a project is agreed so we can achieve the best possible build for each individual's needs and resources. Once the design and fitting schedule have been agreed the plans move over to our workshop for the build to begin.

  5. Fitting Your Furniture

    Our fitting is totally in-house. Our small team also build the Furniture so understand exactly how each individual piece needs to be fitted. We liaise with other services you may have organised, or – if you prefer – will organise such services as needed. Although we have worked closely with you every step of the way this is the moment when we are actually working in your home and our team understand that.

Working With Clients

We have a long history of successful projects. Our featured case studies are a representation of our designs and craftsmanship.

Featured testimonials:

Mrs S-T, Suffolk

"The furniture looked as though it had been part of the house forever" (A Suffolk Rectory)

Mr P., Walton-on-the-Naze

"With sea views the design and style of the furniture needed to capture coastal living. Their vision and attention to every detail was second to none." (A Seaside Cottage)